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Video Testimonials

Melanie provides her services at various locations, shops, schools, homes, events, you name it. Here are a few testimonials from some recent clients she has provided services to. Give them a viewing, then give give Melanie a call to arrange your special consultation!

Young Man - Intuitive Reading

Jessica - Intuitive Reading

Candice - Intuitive Face Reading

Lauren - Intuitive Face Reading

"Having an intuitive face reading by Melanie was so interesting and enlightening. Her reading really captured my personality and how I present to the world. It was also helpful in identifying a need for self -care as well as caring for others. Her assessment of my ear lobes corresponded with both inner and outer wealth and abundance. Her gift for face reading is a wonderful addition to my journey of self-exploration." Pannthera

"When I met Melanie, I was impressed by her and felt connected to her energy. She shared information about herself and her services, including her Soulmate Attraction process. After many years of being happily single, I was finally ready to open myself up to a relationship. I wanted a true love story with my soulmate. I wasn’t interested in just dating. I reached out to Melanie and she guided me to manifest my soulmate. The power of manifestation is real and she helped me tap into the law of attraction. Only 6 months later, I met him! We are together, deeply in love, very happy, and planning our future together. We are living our true love stories, and I’m so very grateful I found my soulmate. I highly recommend Melanie’s services! " Tara C.

More Testimonials

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