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Transformational Coach

Bringing Joy & Vitality to Your Life!

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Got Love?

Do you want someone special to share your life together?

Are you tired of being alone for the holidays?

Let me help you attract your love through her Soulmate Attraction Session and your intentions.
Be amazed at how you can magnetize your love and keep away from those who aren’t right for you! Send me a photo of your love interest and through my face reading, I can tell you whether you're a match.

Ready…Set…Go for Love! It starts when you commit to loving yourself first!

Call Now for a Discovery Session, I’m here to help you find love.

“I wasn’t sure if it would really work, yet a few months later I’m with a new man, whom I enjoy traveling with. We have fun, going to dinner and events. He’s cute and we’re having a great time together.” I say go for it!” ~Jan. I

“I met my husband to be 6 weeks after Melanie's Soulmate Attraction Process. He had all the qualities and traits I wanted, and we bonded on that rather than the physical match. He’s handsome and smart and we have two beautiful grown children.” Love is possible. ~ Cheryl

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Intuitive Energy
Personalized Face Readings

Feeling Stuck? Want direction about where you’re headed in life?  More Confidence in your Choices?

Not sure about some people in your life, or your next job?

Let Melanie help you discover through Intuitive Reading what your soul wants to share. Included is your own unique personal Face Reading that reveals your gifts, and talents. It will help you to improve your self-image and gain more confidence.

Want to know more about a love interest? 
Melanie can share what she sees in their facial features and your compatibility. Be Ready to be Amazed!

“Melanie’s abilities as a reader of energy are extraordinary. Her insights and feedback were incredibly specific, and her responses to the questions I had were so valuable, without being “authoritative”.

Thank you, Melanie, for the skill, wisdom and love that you bring to the world.” ~ Liz

‘If I only knew what I know now about Face Reading, I would have opted out with marrying my former husband.”~ yours truly

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Face Reading
Soul Mate
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Intuitive Reading

My intuitive abilities allow me to provide you with ways to enhance your well-being and live an optimal life. I enjoy creating an alchemy of positive energy for my clients and audiences. 
I help clients become unstuck and allow them to see their path more clearly with options and opportunities. 
I also support people with their intentions to find a life partner or compatible companion. My Face Readings are a favorite for people to understand, appreciate and respect their innate abilities and gifts. 


Reach out via our contact page to schedule your reading.


Home & Office Energy Clearing

Does your home or office feel stagnant?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your space, and don’t know why?

Let me help refresh your space with my energy clearing process along with your intentions!

Your home and office reflect you. Bring more joy and vitality to your living and working space!

Live The Life You Intend!

Call Now for a complimentary Discovery Session



“Melanie uplifted the energy in my entire 2 story home, office and patio/garden. I wanted peace and easier relationships with my family. I got that and so much more. My working relationship with my husband improved our business, too. I highly recommend Melanie”. ~Andrea


“I’m settling in and getting good rest. Thank you,” ~Lyn

Home and Office Energy Clearing

Customized Energy Focused Coaching Sessions

I have developed Customized Coaching Packages that can help you navigate the twists and turns of life.

If you need coaching in how to energetically protect yourself in crowds, in family situations or at work.


  • How to effectively be present and powerful in your space, no matter where you are.

  • How to dissolve other people’s influences that can hinder us from our freedom.

  • How to feel sovereign, self -assured and regal in our own skin!


“Melanie is like a “magic mirror”! She can reflect you back to yourself with accuracy and clarity, but with so much compassion and positivity that your “reflection” becomes an image of beauty and wonder that you may not have been able to see for yourself.” ~ Liz

Be Amazed! Call now for a complimentary Discovery Session 619.869.0290

Newcastle Australia
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